The Heritage Park was designated a Municipal Heritage Property on December 7, 2004. After that date, a local committee worked to develop it to a Heritage Park which includes the following: a CN Station, an Eaton Catalogue House and a CN caboose all in a landscaped park setting.

On December 8th, 2009, the Town of Eatonia established the Heritage Park Board. The Board is responsible to the Town for the Eatonia Heritage Park which includes the continuous restoration and preservation of the CN Station, the Eaton House and the CN caboose and the grounds encompassed with the park. Its goals are to promote the cultural use, tourism and enjoyment of the buildings and grounds at the Park by members of the community, visitors to the community, and tourists.

There are 12 board members which includes one representative from the Town of Eatonia. You may contact anyone listed to view the station and house.

Heritage Board of Directors

  • Sharon Price   306 460 5267
  • Gail Morgan   306 460 7811
  • Graham Morgan 306 967 2669
  • Annette Palmer   306 460 9858
  • Lorrie Cooke   306 460 5811
  • Connie Cridland   306 460 9284
  • Melissa Hynd   306 460 8085
  • Dennis Kanasevich   306 463 7385
  • Dean Aldridge (Town Rep) 306 463 9434
  • Mila Baker  306 480 2035